Saturday, September 29, 2012

Passionate Cooks - FREE recipe book

Available October 1st. Pre-order now!  FREE!
Food and love have had a long association, for Passionate Cooks: Free Recipes From Today’s Hottest Romance Authors, over 150 authors of the genre have put their pens and computers aside to don aprons, get down and dirty in the kitchen, and share their love of food.

Much like romance novels themselves, the dishes range from spicy to sweet. There is something for every taste and every level of culinary expertise. The cookbook includes New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mari Carr’s “Wild Irish” Cream of Crab Soup recipe. Western GBLT author BA Tortuga contributes a dish as spicy and colorful as the straight-shooting author herself with Ranch Hands—a blend of Tabasco, salsa, onions and cumin, added to pinto beans, eggs, Canadian bacon and cheddar cheese and served in a tortilla. And for those of you who are feeling extra creative and sexy, there’s the Avocado Dip that doubles as body paint from mystery writer Marcia James.

Some recipes are simple, such as Down Home Mac & Cheese, while some are more exotic, such as Spicy Shrimp Risotto. There are even some gluten-free selections, like the Sweet and Spicy Gluten-Free Lo Mein-ish Noodles from erotica author Sommer Marsden. And a few are perfectly timed for a Halloween, such as Tracey H. Kitt’s Gamberi del Diavolo or Shrimp of the Devil.

Kristie Leigh Maguire's recipe, Mama's Southern Chicken and Dressing, is included in Passionate Cooks. Kristie's 96 year old mother made this dish every Christmas but she was a true Southern cook making it with a pinch of this and a dash of that. Kristie translated her "pinches and dashes" into a recipe everyone could make.

Best of all, they are FREE! Click HERE to order.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Book Publisher Goes To Court To Recoup Hefty Advances From Prominent Writers

A New York publisher this week filed lawsuits against several prominent writers who failed to deliver books for which they received hefty contractual advances, records show.

The Penguin Group's New York State Supreme Court breach of contract/unjust enrichment complaintsinclude copies of book contracts signed by the respective defendants.

The publisher is seeking repayments from:
* "Prozac Nation" author Elizabeth Wurtzel, who signed a $100,000 deal in 2003 to write "a book for teenagers to help them cope with depression." Penguin wants Wurtzel, seen at right, to return her $33,000 advance (and at least $7500 in interest).

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Friday, September 7, 2012

New release from Donna Fasano

"Readers who enjoy Debbie Macomber’s writing will feel right at home in a Fasano novel." ~Fredlet, a reviewer

Sexy single dad Derek Mitchell had learned the hard way to never trust a beautiful woman. So although he would always be indebted to Lainey Adams for thwarting a kidnapping attempt on his beloved daughter, he wasn't about to show his gratitude by offering his heart on a silver platter! But what was the brooding bachelor to do when his matchmaking millionaire father rewarded Lainey's giving her part of the family fortune? For despite Derek's love phobia, something about the beguiling Lainey touched his soul, filling him with hope—and desire. Yet he sensed that she was keeping secrets—the kind that could shatter his world...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No Lady and Her Tramp - All Romance Ebooks

No Lady and Her Tramp - All Romance Ebooks

Top Ten - Preditors & Editors Poll

No Lady and Her Tramp will have you rolling in the aisles as you follow the exploits of the residents of President Park, the trailer park to top all trailer parks. When Beth Ann Dixon buys herself a computer and decides to write a steamy erotic novel, her husband, Billy Ray, can't do much of anything right, not even shoot a gun. Janet Higgins is the resident Peeping Tom - and Troy Finkmyer is the guy we all love to hate. Everybody gets into the act and there are showdowns all over Grapevine - Grapevine, Kentucky that is. Shirley Snodgrass is the local gossip columnist for the Grapevine Gazette and records it all in her column, 'I Heard It Through the Grapevine'.

These two authors, Kristie Leigh Maguire and Mark Haeuser, by putting their talents together, have written a very funny book laced with pure, unadulterated steam.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RJ Ellory: detected, crime writer who faked his own glowing reviews

Article from The Telegraph

A best-selling British crime writer, RJ Ellory, used pseudonyms to pen fake glowing reviews about his “magnificent genius” online while simultaneously criticising his rivals.

He admitted he had used fake identities to write about his own work on the Amazon book site, giving himself five star ratings. He gave his rivals bad reviews and low ratings using the same pseudonyms.

Ellory, one of Britain's leading authors who has won a variety of awards including Crime Novel of the Year 2010, was compelled to apologise after Jeremy Duns, a British spy author now based in Sweden, aired the accusations on Twitter.

The 47 year-old's apology, in a statement to The Daily Telegraph, came amid a storm of condemnation from the literary world over the “unfair” and “misleading” practice, known as “sock puppeting”.

In his fake posts, many of which appeared to have been deleted, he used the names “Nicodemus Jones” and “Jelly Bean” to heap praise on his works.

Ellory, whose real name is Roger Jon Ellory, also attacked his rival authors, including Mark Billingham and Stuart MacBride, under the same assumed identities, in a series of withering posts.

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