Saturday, October 30, 2010

Download No Lady and Your Tramp to your Kindle

Now is a good time to purchase and download No Lady and Your Tramp to your Kindle. Amazon has discounted it from $2.99 down to $2.39. The current ranking for No Lady at the Amazon Kindle Store is:

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #1,736 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

#43 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Satire, General

#44 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Satire

#48 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Humor

No Lady just received another wonderful 5 star review:
5.0 out of 5 stars That's not a Lady, She's my Tramp, October 8, 2010

By Family Kindle (Kansas/Kentucky) - See all my reviews - Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: No Lady and Her Tramp (Kindle Edition)

OMG, It is a GREAT book. I want more. I didn't want the book to end. I really like the the main couple and the things they go through.

It has people that you want to club in the head, ones you want to be best friends with, ones you want to hug and say that it is going to be okay and ones you want to hate but they are all your neighbors.

The sex is hot ......

The laughs are many .....

The OMGosh's are many and funny too.

Everyone has to read this.

It is a super fast read because you can't put it down.
Book blurb:
A quirky hysterically hilarious read that is down and dirty!

The steamy, very descriptive sex in No Lady and Her Tramp puts Harold Robbins’ books to shame. The one thing Mr. Robbins’ books did not have is the humor that illuminates in this work of art.

No Lady is one woman’s accounting of the trials, tribulations, and antics of her life, and all of the other colorful characters (some even use the politically incorrect term of trailer trash to describe them) who live in President Park, a run down trailer park in Grapevine, Kentucky.

You may find the palms of your hands sweat, among other things, from the titillating sex that fill the pages. You will also find yourself laughing aloud, as humor runs consistently throughout the book.

These two authors, Kristie Leigh Maguire and Mark Haeuser, by putting their talents together, have written a very funny book laced with pure, unadulterated steam

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barbara Ebel reading at The Spinning Wheel today

Who says a rising neurosurgeon can’t fall from his pinnacle? From the skullduggery taking place deep in the Tennessee woods to the silent tension in the OR, Doctor Danny Tilson’s life takes an abrupt turn after performing surgery alongside a scrub nurse with aqua eyes and a velvet voice.

Can Danny’s situation get any worse after the alluring lady disappears, he inherits her roguish retriever, and his Albert Einstein historical book turns up missing? A pack of Tennessee attorneys pursue Danny while he develops a scheme with his paramedic best friend to payback the mysterious woman who left in a hurry.

Download to your Kindle for only $3.95.

Drop by The Spinning Wheel today where Barbara will be reading from her book.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eric B. Thomasma is reading at The Spinning Wheel today.

Author Eric B. Thomasma is reading from his novel SEAMS16: A New Home at The Spinning Wheel today. You can dowload this novel to your Kindle or other e-reader for only 99 cents.

Product Description

Space Equipment Authority is the number one supplier and manufacturer in the sector and their Maintenance Station 16 is the best of all the repair depots in the system. With its ability to manufacture any part needed for any repair and willingness to service any vehicle, from the smallest Personal Transport to the biggest Trans-Galaxy Ship, it has the reputation of being the best of the best and is favored by both locals and aliens alike. And someone wants Charlie to come work there. Life hasn't been easy for Charlie, as he has kicked around from one job to another. The one shining light in his life is and has always been his beautiful wife, Susan. So is this the chance of a lifetime, or is it too good to be true? Join Charlie and Susan as they discover A New Home.

From the Author
SEAMS16:A New Home was primarily written in waiting rooms, doctor's offices, patient rooms, treatment rooms, etc. My father was battling cancer at the time and I took him to all of his appointments. Writing became a means of escaping the depressing circumstances and helped me maintain a positive attitude toward the treatments. Sadly, my Dad lost his battle before I finished the story, so he was never able to read it, but I like to think he would approve.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kristie Leigh Maguire reads from her novel, Cabin Fever, at The Spinning Wheel

Kristie Leigh Maguire reads from her novel, Cabin Fever, at The Spinning Wheel. Cabin Fever is the sequel to Kristie's novel, Desert Heat. Both are award-winning books. Desert Heat was voted Romance of the Year at the Affaire de Coeur Magazine Reader/Writer Poll and Cabin Fever placed at Number 5 in romance at the Preditors & Editors Poll.

Desert Heat and Cabin Fever can be downloaded to your Kindle or other reading device for only $2.99.

A 5 Star Review for Cabin Fever at
The adventures of Marcie Treyhourne. This gal just has a way of finding excitement, erotic adventures with a splash of romance, along with a little trouble along the way. Kristie makes the characters come to life. If things got any hotter while I was reading the eBook, my laptop would have melted.

If you love romance with an erotic flair to it, you need to read Cabin Fever along with Desert Heat. Although it may be snowing outside at your house this winter, you'll be burning up after these novels.

Thanks Kristie for another exciting read!A 5 Star Review at for Cabin Fever:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

David George Richards is reading at The Spinning Wheel today

 David George (D. G.) Richards is reading from some of his many novels at The Spinning Wheel today. Come join us for the fun.

In David's own words:
I was born in Manchester in the North West of England in 1957. Although I have moved around a bit, Manchester is still both my physical and spiritual home. I am a Northerner. I am also married to Rosanna, and have been now for over twenty years.

I have an imagination that began when I was very young and never waned. I also like reading and so it was no surprise I suppose when I started writing. Because I am an unknown who has never been picked up by either an Agent or mainstream Publisher, I am a bit of a one man band. I even do my own covers and have become a bit of a digital artist as a result. I started writing when I was young and very bad. Now I am older and a lot better. My writing has improved too. I write science fiction, fantasy and romance stories. I also like to mix and match with romance in science fiction and so on.

One of the first books I read as a child was Gone with the Wind, and since then I have continued to read and enjoy books where women feature prominently in the story, in fact I tend to prefer books where the woman is the leading character. This is probably why I also enjoy writing stories where the female characters feature very prominently, many of them in strong and attractive leading roles. It gives my stories a female bias, but I think they are better for it. I also like every character, even the monsters and villains, to have a realistic reason for being and doing what they do. Like reality, everything blurs. There is no right or wrong, just different viewpoints that lead to conflict. But I also like my out and out villains to be really bad. If you like science fiction, thrillers and romance stories with particular emphasis on leading female characters that are exciting and adventurous, look no further.

You can also visit my website at

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

L.C. Evans reading at The Spinning Wheel today

L.C. Evans will be reading from her novel We Interrupt This Date at The Spinning Wheel today.

Product Description
Since her divorce a year ago, Susan Caraway has gone through the motions of life, feeling at best mildly depressed. Now she is finally coming out of her shell. Just when she decides on a makeover and a new career, her family members call on her for crisis assistance. First there’s her sister DeLorean who has come back from California with a baby, a designer dog, and no prospects for child support or a job. As soon as DeLorean settles in at Susan’s home, Susan’s son Christian comes home from college trailing what Susan’s mama refers to as “an androgynous little tart.” Then there’s Mama herself, a southern lady who wrote the book on bossy. A secret from Mama’s past threatens to unravel her own peace. But not before Mama hurts her ankle and has to move into Susan’s home with her babies—two Chihuahuas with attitude. Susan would like to start her new job as a ghost tour operator. She would like to renew her relationship with Jack Maxwell, a man from her past. But Jack isn’t going to stand in line behind her needy family.

About the Author
L.C. Evans loves to write. She grew up in Florida and now lives in North Carolina with her husband Bob and their three dogs. Occasionally there is a sighting around their home of a certain neurotic cat that may or may not be a part of the Evans household. Ms. Evans loves to hear from fans. Contact her at: