Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Jane Porter's dreams of marrying Mike Farley, the handsome cowboy who lives on the neighboring ranch, are shattered when Mike suddenly marries a redheaded stranger he met at the Wild Horse Saloon in Casper, Wyoming. After Mike stomped all over Jane's heart with his cowboy boots, can Jane ever trust her heart to a man again?

Mike Farley marries beautiful Samantha Jo Smith after a whirlwind courtship with no thought to Jane Porter, his childhood sweetheart and the woman everyone in Fremont County thought he would marry one day. Mike soon learns to regret his hasty marriage to Samantha. Can Mike win back Jane's heart even though he had shattered it into a million pieces?

Longtime friends and neighbors Jim Porter and Liz Farley turn to each other for support after the unexpected death of their spouses. Will Jim and Liz's friendship turn into something deeper even though they both feel they have had, and lost, their chance at love?

Is it ever too late for love? Is it ever too late for second chances?

Set in rural Wyoming, Second Chances is a sweet contemporary western romance that will warm your heart. One reader stated, "I read it through in an evening, and felt as if I had spent that evening with 'salt of the earth' folk." Another reader said, "I loved the double, no triple, second chances. It was a very sweet ending."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Emails from the Edge: Memoirs of an Expat Wife

Kristie Leigh Maguire defies today's world of political correctness in Emails from the Edge, her memoirs as an expatriate wife during the turbulent decade of the 90s. Her lifeline with the "real world" was emails with her friend back in the States. By sharing excerpts of these emails with the world, KLM presents a raw and brutally honest look at her experiences in a land where she could not speak the language and in a culture very unfamiliar to her in all aspects. In a way it is like being a voyeur, pulling back the curtain of friendship, and finding out they are not just talking about milk and cookies. People may not gush over this book but it will make them stop and think...or it should.

Take a deep look within as you read Emails from the Edge in the comfort of surroundings that are familiar to you. Could you have handled the situation any better if you had been in KLM's shoes? Maybe. Maybe not.

USA Today Bestselling Author Rebecca Forster had this to say, "A bold, honest look at how two cultures collide and lessons learned. Some may think KLM politically incorrect; I say she is courageous to share her honest feelings and inner thoughts. It is really gutsy and fascinating."

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Book Expo America - Interview with Connie Brockway

NYT bestselling author Connie Brockway has recently been announced as the launch author for Amazon's new publishing venture, Montlake Romance. I have just downloaded and read the first three 'teaser' chapters of her new book, The Other Guy's Bride, due out in November 2011. It's an exciting story so far, and funny, too. Connie will be at Book Expo America in May so I asked her some questions about what she'll be doing there:
Read the interview at Helen Smith's blog.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amazon Launches New Publishing Imprint, Montlake Romance

Debut title will be bestselling author Connie Brockway’s “The Other Guy’s Bride”
(NASDAQ: AMZN)-– today announced the launch of Montlake Romance, the fourth and latest imprint from Amazon Publishing. Connie Brockway, two-time winner of the Romance Writers Association’s “RITA Award” for best historical romance, and bestselling author of seventeen novels, including “My Dearest Enemy” and “The Bridal Season,” will be the debut author of Montlake Romance. Brockway’s new romance, “The Other Guy’s Bride,” will be published in Fall 2011 and will be available to North American readers in Kindle, print and audio formats at, as well as at national and independent booksellers.

“I am thrilled to be the launch author for Montlake Romance, bringing readers the freshest, most innovative and compelling love stories possible,” said Connie Brockway. “Montlake is giving me the opportunity to write romances that capture the imagination as well as the heart and I’m thrilled to invite readers to join me on this exhilarating journey. There are so many stories I’ve been dying to tell you, and people you simply have to meet.”

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