Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kristie Leigh Maguire featured at Sandy's Spotlight

Today's special guest author is
Kristie Leigh Maguire

Kristie Leigh Maguire

Today I'm introducing you to author Kristie Leigh Maguire. We are featuring her western romance novel, Second Chances: Love Lost, Love Found.
Kristie has lived such a fascinating life. Here's a little about Kristie and her books taken directly from her website:

Kristie Leigh Maguire and her husband have lived all over the United States and many foreign countries while following his career. While living in Japan in 1997, she found it very difficult to find books to read that were written in English. This situation was intolerable as she was an avid reader and had been known to resort to reading cereal boxes if nothing else was available. Have you ever tried to read a cereal box written in Japanese? It was not a pretty picture. Ms. Maguire began writing her own books just to have something to read. She discovered a new passion in writing.

The Affaire de Coeur Magazine named Kristie Leigh Maguire the Best Up and Coming Romance Author of the Year and her book Desert Heat as Romance of the Year in 2003. Her novels Cabin Fever and No Lady and Her Tramp placed in the Top Ten at the Preditor & Editors Poll. Her latest release Second Chances was Number 2 on the Best Seller List in Western Romances at 

Kristie's books

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Apple iBookstore Expands Smashwords Ebook Distribution to 26 New Countries

Apple this week dramatically expanded the international reach of Smashwords ebooks by distributing our catalog to 26 new iBookstores across Europe and Scandinavia.

Prior to this week, over 50,000 Smashwords ebook titles were available in Apple iBookstores in the US, Canada, U.K., Germany, France and Australia.

All Smashwords authors, publishers and agents enjoy immediate access to this expanded distribution.
See the list of new iBookstore countries now reachable through Smashwords.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Some like their romance hot and spicy!

If you like your romance hot and spicy, these 2 books are for you!

They are swimming up the Amazon rankings quite nicely too. Have a look at today's rankings for my DESERT HEAT and CABIN FEVER.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #35,735 Paid in Kindle Store

Don't expect the typical romance story with this novel. There are no shrinking violets or shy maiden virgins who long to be taken against their will in Desert Heat. Marcie is a savvy businesswoman who knows what she wants and is willing to go against the odds to get it.

Marcie and Steve have a long-time and mutually satisfying marriage. However, when career changes force them to move from a metropolitan city in Texas to a small crossroads town in the Mojave Desert in Southern California, a surprise is in store for them that neither Marcie nor Steve could have ever anticipated in a million years. Marcie commits the unthinkable. She falls in love with her handsome new boss, Jim. How will Marcie handle being in love with both Steve and Jim? Will this be the end of Marcie's marriage to Steve, the guy who has been by her through thick and thin?

Read Desert Heat and get swept away to another world. Come visit the desert where it is always hot, hot, hot! Live with Marcie, Steve and Jim as they explore the shades of difference between love, sex and friendship. You may never view love or the desert through the same eyes again!


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #29,795 Paid in Kindle Store

The beautiful and sexy Marcie Treyhorne is a steel magnolia who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. Marcie's story began in DESERT HEAT. Her saga continues in CABIN FEVER. Marcie leaves the blistering heat of the desert but the searing passion she carries to the northern Nevada mountains will melt the deepest of winter snows. The ending is a twist that will hit you like a runaway train. You won't want to miss this one.

Reader Nina Osier stated, "Once again the Treyhornes' bedroom action fairly scorches the pages, but this time we readers are in for more than a tale of unconventional romance. As we pass through a turning point in Marcie's life with her, the questions she asks herself seem eerily familiar. Enjoyable resolution to what really does turn out to be the second half of a two-part tale.


"Kristie Leigh Maguire writes with a style and flair often copied but rarely duplicated. Her ability to capture the pure animal heat in her characters takes the reader to a realm of surreal pleasure rarely found in today's writing." - Mark Haeuser
"Kristie has a way of opening your mind. You become part of her creation. She writes in such a way that you want to follow her every word – that is the sign of a true storyteller." Patti Fleishman (Romance Junkies)

"She's smart, she's sassy, she has a pen that drips sizzling ink. If you like steamy stories or the Happily Ever After kind, then this is a name that belongs on your bookshelf." Emjae Edwards (Ink n Beans)