Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cabin Fever available as KINDLE book at

Kristie Leigh Maguire and Blue Leaf Publications release Cabin Fever as a KINDLE editon at, and as an ebook available for purchase at Blue Leaf Publications and Fictionwise.

The beautiful and sexy Marcie Treyhorne is a steel magnolia who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Marcie's story began in DESERT HEAT. Her saga continues in CABIN FEVER. Marcie leaves the blistering heat of the desert but the searing passion she carries to the northern Nevada mountains will melt the deepest of winter snows. Author Janet Elaine Smith states, "...the ending is a twist that will hit you like a runaway train! You won't want to miss this one!"

"Hotter than a blazing fire…(the) story sizzles in front of the fireplace in the mountains as they find a new 'resource' for their lovemaking…and the ending is a twist that will hit you like a runaway train! You won't want to miss this one!" -- Janet Elaine Smith, author of best-selling Dunnottar, the Patrick & Grace Mysteries, and The Keith Trilogy

"Kristie has a way of opening your mind; you become part of her creation. She writes in such a way that you want to follow her every word – that is the sign of a true storyteller." -- Patti Fleishman - reviewer for Romance Junkies

"Another great romance novel…! Marcie Treyhorne…has a way of finding excitement, erotic adventures with a splash of romance…the characters come to life. If things got any hotter while I was reading the eBook, my laptop would have melted. If you love romance with an erotic flair to it, you need to read 'Cabin Fever!'" -- Epstein LaRue, RN, BS, Author of "Highway Hypodermics: Your Road Map To Travel Nursing", "Love At First Type", and "Crazy Thoughts of Passion

"This is a very fast paced book with lots of tangled love lives, dealing with jealousy, love and sex…no closed bedroom doors here…by the end of the book you wonder what Marcie and Steve's next amorous adventure is going to be…a good continuation of Marcie's story and fans of the first will surely like this one too." -- Annette Gisby, Author of Drowning Rapunzel and Shadows of the Rose

"Once again the Treyhornes' bedroom action fairly scorches the pages, but this time readers are in for more than a tale of unconventional romance. As we pass through a turning point in Marcie's life with her, the questions she asks herself seem eerily familiar. Enjoyable resolution to what really does turn out to be the second half of a two-part tale." -- Nina Osier, Author of speculative fiction including HIGH PLACES and 2005 EPPIE winner REGS

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