Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Read before you buy - FREE SAMPLER

With the downturns in today's economy, everyone is trying to save money. Discretionary spending is at an all time low. Lots of people have cut back on going out to eat. Some people are buying DVDs and watching them at home instead of going out to the movies. Some people have even returned to the long standing past time of reading books. But with all the books out there, how is a person to determine which books they would like to buy?

Author Kristie Leigh Maguire is now offering a FREE SAMPLER which includes the first 3 chapters of her novels Desert Heat, Cabin Fever, No Lady and Her Tramp, and Emails from the Edge: The Life of an Expatriate Wife. Read the sampler to determine which of Ms. Maguire's books you would like to purchase! Or purchase all of them because each one is available as a low cost e-book at Fictionwise.com and as KINDLE edition from Amazon.com.

To download your FREE (Adobe PDF format) SAMPLER, go to Ms. Maguire's website at http://kristieleighmaguire.com/ and click on the link on the left hand side of the home page.

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