Monday, December 7, 2009

Ring Around the Sun by Gemini Judson

Ring Around the Sun
by Gemini Judson
Eirelander Publishing
Genre - Contemporary Erotic Romance

Length - Novella
Heat Level - Carnal

A ring around the sun foretells new beginnings.

That’s exactly what Teal Marin needs. When she inherits a cabin in the woods of northern Minnesota, she sees an opportunity to escape her physically abusive lover and disappear. From the moment she steps off bus, she realizes it won’t be easy—these weren’t the streets of Chicago.

As she battles against a new wintery enemy, a tall dark stranger emerges from the darkness. Darren Kennedy is a sports writer, nursing an old football injury and a broken heart in his cabin in the woods. He plucks Teal out the snow and teaches her the basics of cabin life. Together they ignite an unexpected passion that keeps them toasty warm.

Now Teal bathes in snowy, frigid sunshine with her new hero. Did she make a clean break? Not at all. Her former abuser wants his beautiful girl home.

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Gemini Judson

Gem is a biologist by training and an artist by heart. She’s spent her career studying fish, birds, bugs and many other critters, all providing a colorful tapestry for her stories. She writes contemporary romances with varying degrees of heat, but the common thread is a natural setting or a scientific twist.

Her first love was painting and came to writing romances only recently. “The similarities in the process amaze me. When I write, I lay down a background wash first and gradually add form and structure, just like I would with a blank canvas. The last step is adding nuance and balance. There’s nothing more satisfying than a finished manuscript and a finished painting.”

She makes her home in Minnesota with her husband and daughter and a pile of cats and dogs and horses. When she’s not writing or attending assorted youth sporting events, she’s painting, on canvas or digitally.


  1. Thank you Kristie! What an honor and a nice surprise. Ring Around the Sun was a very fun book for me to write (snowy Minnesota theme and all). You have a great blog and a nice following too (I recognize some faces). Thank you again for the feature. I will put you in the queue to return the favor....Yes yes yes, it's a karma thing.

  2. Thanks, Gemini! And thanks for dropping by and commenting. Ring Around the Sun sounds like a book right down my alley. I need to purchase it for my Kindle. :)