Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Skye in June by June Ahern

The Skye in June
by June Ahern

A tale about the MacDonalds, a Scottish family, and their youngest child, June, who has an uniqueness that attracts unusual people. After a tragedy they emigrate from Scotland to San Francisco. The family implodes when June, is drawn into the world of mysticism and her sisters come of age during the colorful circa 1960's. It is a story of reconciliation and acceptance.

Anyone who loves a good read of San Francisco's history during the 1950's and early days of the '60's, will enjoy this story. It is rich with nuances of Scottish culture and language. The sisters are lively, funny and rebellious as they find ways to deter their father from having control over them. The story takes readers through issues of family and how it changes over the years, religion, as wells as the challenges of immigrants, and the world of mysticism.

Also available for download to your Kindle.

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