Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unbroken Hearts by Anna Murray

A Number One book in westerns (Kindle)
324 pages; First book in the Easton Hearts Series

Orphaned on the trail and deceived by an outlaw sheriff, Sarah Anders is on the verge of a career as a soiled dove at Lola's brothel. She desperately grabs at her only chance for honest work -- at the Mineral Creek Ranch, owned by handsome Cal Easton. While working as a nurse to Cal's mother, a stroke victim, she learns that Cal is a man haunted by the past and cursed by a deadly enemy bent on destroying his family and his successful ranch operation. Sarah also hides a secret past, which Cal must uncover and reconcile before they are free to love.

* This book contains romantic sex, old west adventure, and raw cowboy humor.

Download to your Kindle for only $1.99.

Anna Murray grew up as a younger child in a diverse family of nine in rural Wisconsin. She honed her writing skills as part of a classical liberal arts education at a small Midwestern college, and embarked on an unusual career path that included jobs teaching English (British American Institute, Madrid Spain), editing and training at an educational testing firm, computer programming, technical writing and training, systems analysis for a Fortune 500 corporation, and owning her own electronic publishing business.

She resides in the beautiful St. Croix Valley of Minnesota with her husband and two children.


  1. Kristie,

    I ran across this post when I googled my book title (yes, I do that from time to time). You are THE BEST!

    Anna Murray

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Anna. I had downloaded Broken Hearts and really liked the read. I had to share it with the followers of my blog because I know they will like it too. :)