Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Greek Semen: A Cautionary Tale for Writers

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  1. This YouTube video is based upon a true story that went viral a couple of days ago.

    Writers, PLEASE be careful what you say online or in public. It could come back and bite you in the ass in ways you never imagined in your wildest dreams!

    BigAl from Books and Pals blog reviewed a book and gave it 2 stars. The author got into a nasty online argument with Al about the rating. It went viral.

    This writer's name is now known throughout the internet world but for all the wrong reasons. They say publicity of any kind is better than none but I disagree.

    What chance does this writer ever have of becoming successful after this? Perhaps a change of name and ATTITUDE is in order for this author.

    Kristie Leigh Maguire