Sunday, May 20, 2012

An interview with internationally famous romance cover model Jimmy Thomas

From the Official Jimmy Thomas Facebook Fan Page....

Jimmy Thomas was a sports fanatic at school joining the football, wrestling and cross-country teams, as well as getting into weight-training and martial arts. Jimmy began his active lifestyle at a very young age; from neighborhood sports of football, street & roller-blade hockey, to 2 years on a local soccer team as their team goalie. Jimmy then joined his school's cross-country track team, and also ventured on to the wrestling mat. With all the sports and activities he participated in, he found his biggest liking in weight-training. Along with his high school friend Dave, Jimmy vigorously worked out almost every day during his final years of high school... which led the beginning of who Jimmy Thomas is today.In 1998 Jimmy was introduced to the world of modelling and has become one very sought-after man, staring in ad's for Tommy Hilfiger, Dillard's, and the romance covers we have all grown to love. 
For writers who don’t know your story, what’s the background? How did you become a model and what else have you done? Wow, that is such an open question that could go from birth to the present! Well it started when my sister did a few photo shoots that came out great, she suggested I should as well, I thought “Hmmm???… Nah!”… My ex-girlfriend taught Taekwondo and cardio kickboxing classes and we ran into each other and I was heavy into weight-lifting, mentioned that I wanted to lean-up but hated cardio, and she suggested I take her cardio kickboxing classes. I thought “Hmmm???… Nah!” Then I was out at a night club and the most gorgeous woman I had every seen in my life (still to this day), walked up to be with a huge smile, where I instantly looked behind me to see who she was looking at, lol… and her first words were “Tell me you model?!?!?” I chuckled, again looked behind me, and said “Ahhh, no. Why?” And she said “You need to and should!” We hit it off, began dating So her suggesting, or rather insisting, that I model, had me take my ex’s cardio kickboxing class to lean up, and then I shot with my sister’s photographer, and that is where it all began.

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