Sunday, March 7, 2010

E-Book Week - 3/7-13/10

In honor of e-book week, I am discounting the e-book version of my Second Chances by 50%. Instead of paying the retail price of $2.99, you can purchase Second Chancees from for only $1.50. Just enter this code (RAE50) when you add Second Chances to your cart.

Here is the direct link to the Second Chances page at The e-book version is available in the most popular formats including mobi which can be read on your Kindle.

Many readers who have read my Second Chances as well as my other titles say that Second Chances is my best book yet!
One reader said:
Best romance book as of late! (5 stars)

I think Kristie Leigh Maguire, Author of "Second Chances" has written her BEST BOOK yet! It kept my interest to the very end and I didn't want to put it down when I had to. She had a unique twist that kept the love birds alive with a happy ending, which I loved. Overall, a very well written romance book and entertaining. Thanks for placing this on kindle for all of us to download and enjoy. I'll be looking forward to more books like this from Kristie Leigh Maguire. She is the best!
I am often asked where I get the ideas for my stories. Second Chances came about when a friend of mine read an ad in the classifieds of her local newspaper. The ad read, "Free wedding dress. Worn only once by mistake." I wanted to know the story behind the story. Since I had no way of finding this out, my imagination kicked in and filled in the blanks. Thus Second Chances was born.

Here is the back cover blurb:
"Free wedding dress. Worn only once by mistake." One simple little ad, but it turned the whole world upside down (or perhaps right side up) for not only one couple, but for two couples.

Mike Farley stomped on Jane Porter's heart with his cowboy boots. When he realized he had made the biggest mistake of his life, could he ever get it back the way it should be? Ma Liz Farley and Pa Jim Porter decided they had to do anything they could to make it right. But were they really willing to go "all the way" to accomplish it?

Set in rural Wyoming, Second Chances is a delightful read that will warm your heart as much as the fireplace will warm your cheeks.

I hope you enjoy the read!

Second Chances is also available in paperback. You can purchase it from or ask for it at your local bookstore.

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