Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heart of Stone by Sandra Kay

A marriage in name only. A secret past. Can love be found amid the tangle of distrust and betrayal? Alone and pregnant with twins, Amber Wilson has only a fuzzy memory of how she got that way. One thing she knows for sure—no man will ever get near enough to hurt her again. But when she meets Stone Brandon, the attraction is too great to ignore. Stone’s ex-fiancĂ©e’s betrayal has hardened his heart. Though he is drawn to Amber, he knows he can never fall in love again. Still, with her help, the dreams he has for the expansion of his family’s ranch can become a reality. A platonic marriage seems like the logical answer for both of them—until he realizes that a marriage in name only with Amber is a hell of his own making.

From Sandra Kay's website:
My name is Sandra Kay. I am a published author with The Wild Rose Press, Yellow Rose Line. Cowboys, the eternal icon of the old west -- and the present day west -- are my heroes. There's just something about a Stetson tilted just right, Wrangler's that fit like a glove, and cowboy boots!

Currently, I'm writing contemporary western romance novels, and I am in the process of completing the sequel to Heart of Stone. This 2nd book in the Brandon Cattle Ranch series has a working title of Cady's Chance. The 3rd book is about Tyler Brandon, and the 4th and final in the series will be about the youngest brother, Jefferson.

The Brandon's have a cattle ranch in Central Texas, a beautiful part of the great state of Texas. Having visited there many times on my granddaddy's farm, I have first hand knowledge of the beauty and greenness of that area.

I love the characters in this series, and hope that you will, as well.

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