Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hotter than hot! Cabin Fever: Affairs of the Heart (Book Two)

Cabin Fever: Affairs of the Heart (Book Two)

The beautiful and sexy Marcie Treyhorne is a steel magnolia who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. Marcie's story began in DESERT HEAT. Her saga continues in CABIN FEVER. Marcie leaves the blistering heat of the desert but the searing passion she carries to the northern Nevada mountains will melt the deepest of winter snows. Author Janet Elaine Smith states, "...the ending is a twist that will hit you like a runaway train! You won't want to miss this one!"

Warning: Contains ménage between loving partners.

From a reader: "When I read the author's introduction in this book I was thinking it was going to be a tame romance. Heck no. There's some threeways and a lesbian encounter in these pages. If those types of things don't turn you off then I would say give this one a try. The story moves along at a snappy pace and never gets bogged down. Even though this is the second in a series with the same characters, don't let that deter you away from it. There is enough of a recap through conversations and whatnot to give you a good idea of the first book's storyline. To me, this was one of those steamy books that I wish were more readily available."
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