Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Spinning Wheel: An Old Fashioned Café and Bookstore for Authors and Readers


See the sign over the door?

"The Spinning Wheel: An Old Fashioned Café and Bookstore for Authors and Readers."

The mellow yellow letters painted on sea foam green background goes well with the white brick building with the navy shutters on the windows.

Please wipe off any negative attitudes on the welcome mat before entering this building. We welcome everyone but we don't welcome negative attitudes. Please leave them on the other side of the door.

Close your eyes and envision what is on the other side of the door. You are about to enter the No Spin Zone.

Rows and rows of books on shelves with pots of ivy and the occasional geranium scattered around. Smell the fragrant candles along with the hint of homemade oatmeal cookies wafting through the air?

Miss Daisy, the resident cat, is curled up on the top bookshelf. She seems to be dozing but don't let that fool you. She's watching you. Or perhaps she's keeping an eye on Ralph, the resident dog, snoozing over by the potbellied stove in the corner. It's always cold on that side of the room so the fire stays burning all the time. Feel free to wander over and warm yourself. Throw a log on the fire if it needs it.

See that place in the corner across from the potbellied stove? Where the big overstuffed couches and easy chairs are located? That's the lounge where we all congregate. It's nice to have a place to just sit and relax and have a nice hot cup of coffee or tea but don't forget to read the sign hanging on the wall of the lounge.

"Treat others as you would like to be treated. Respect goes a long way in keeping The Spinning Wheel a friendly little old fashioned bookstore where everyone is welcome."

There are so many books just waiting to be read. The bookshelves are crammed to overflowing. Open your mind. Explore new possibilities. Think beyond what has normally been your comfort genre. Or if you aren't up to exploring new genres, we are bound to have something you like on our shelves. The possibilities are endless.

Pick up a book. Download a sample and browse the pages. Buy it if you like it but there is no pressure here at The Spinning Wheel to do so. You can browse here to your heart's content.

Head on over to the lounge area if you would like to discuss the books with others. If you hang around long enough you might even get to discuss the books with the authors who wrote them!

Authors and readers alike are welcome at The Spinning Wheel where the door is always open and the books are waiting for you.

Readers and authors, please introduce yourself as you come in.

Authors, feel free to place your book(s) on the shelves of The Spinning Wheel by posting the blurb for your book and the link to where it can be purchased when you first come in. Thereafter please limit to just placing a link to your book when you post or when you feel it is appropriate.

Readers, get those questions for the authors ready.

By the way, my name is Kristie Leigh Maguire. I am the proprietor of The Spinning Wheel. I am also an author and a reader. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.

The Grand Opening of "The Spinning Wheel: An Old Fashioned Café and Bookstore for Authors and Readers" has begun! Come on in, everyone! Have fun!


Edited to add:

We now have completed construction of a screened in sun porch out back of The Spinning Wheel. It faces Lake Serenity. We have plenty of hammocks for relaxing and reading a good book while the bamboo fans stir the air overhead. Baskets of hanging ivy add a nice touch of greenery.

We have added a 5 Star Resort for Dogs and Cats so you are welcome to bring your pets and let them play while you visit The Spinning Wheel. I have nicknamed this resort The Animal House.

Another added event at The Spinning Wheel is author readings. Authors, if you would like to schedule a reading just post a message on the bulletin board at The Spinning Wheel and let me know. I will reply to you with a post at The Spinning Wheel with a date. I do not send out emails.

Both authors and readers are welcome to drop into The Spinning Wheel. I hope it becomes your home away from home.

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