Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Author Jean Adams and Eternal Hearts

I just received notification that Eternal Hearts by Jean Adams is now available as an ebook at The blurb for Eternal Hearts sounded right down my alley so I decided to explore this title and author further. I liked what I found enough to share with you, my readers, here at Sizzling Hot Romance.

Purchase Eternal Hearts in ebook edition at Eternal Hearts is also available in paperback edition at

Eternal Hearts Blurb:

She found the love of her life 3000 years too late. When Alexandra Kelly returns a broadcollar to Egypt, she is swept through a time portal on a breathtaking yet terrifying journey to a land of majesty and splendour, the land of pharaohs. Death is Lord Khafra's fate if he embarks upon his dangerous quest. Can Alex's arrival save him from his date with a lonely, fiery death? Together they find love and face terrible danger and hardship but the sexy charioteer could make any woman believe the gods were smiling on her. At the next full moon Alex must return to the 21st century, where Khafra has been dead for several millennia.

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm thrilled that Kristie had chosen Eternal Hearts as a subject for her blog,
    I hope this book shows my love for ancient Egypt and the respect I have for such a great race.
    May they live forever
    Jean Adams

  2. Thanks for dropping in and commenting, Jean! Glad you could make it by. Eternal Hearts sounds like a super read.