Monday, November 30, 2009

It's a "Southern Thang"

I can totally relate to Christie Craig.  You see she speaks my language. Southern! From one Southern gal to another (and from one Kristie to another Christie), welcome to my blog, Christie! Ya'll come back soon, ya hear!

Christie Craig - Photojournalist, Author and Speaker
Sexy, Suspensful, & Seriously Funny!

Christie Craig, an Alabama native, is an award-winning, multi-published writer, multi-published photo journalist, motivational speaker, and writing teacher.. Her non-fiction articles and photography have appeared in almost three thousand national magazines. A Golden Heart finalist, and a finalist in more than fifty RWA-sponsored contests, she has gained a well-deserved reputation for writing romance fiction that has both witty humor and a suspenseful, sexy tone. Published by Silhouette in the 90s, she recently broke back into fiction in a big way, making four book sales in one day. Her seventh humorous single title romance novel, published by Dorchester, will hit the stands in June 2010. Her non-fiction book, co-authored by Faye Hughes, released September 08, is The Everything Guide To Writing A Romance Novel and their second non-fiction book, a humorous self-help relationship book, Wild, Wicked and Wanton: 101 Ways to Love Like You Are in a Romance Novel is scheduled to be released December 2010. Craig’s latest writing adventure is the sale of a young adult paranormal romance series, Bone Creek Camp, that will be published by St. Martins Press in the near future.

Divorced, Desperate and Deceived

by Christie Craig
ISBN-10: 0505527987
ISBN-13: 978-0505527981
Publisher: Dorchester
Release date: Nov. 24th 2009

Of the Divorced, Desperate and Delicious club, Kathy Callahan is the last surviving member. Oh, her two friends haven’t died or anything. They just gave up their vows of chastity. They went for hot sex with hot cops and happy second marriages—something Kathy can never consider, given her past. Yet there’s always her plumber, Stan Bradley. He seems honest, hardworking...and skilled with a tool.


Kathy’s best-laid plans are about to hit a clog. The guy snaking her drain isn’t what he seems. He’s handier with a pistol than a pipe wrench, and she’s about to see more action than Jason Statham. The next forty-eight hours promise hot pursuit, hotter passion and a super perky pug. And at the end of this wild escapade, Kathy and her own undercover lawman will be flush with happiness . . . assuming they both survive.

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2450 Fry Road
Houston Texas, 77084.


  1. Howdy Kristie!!!

    Wow, what a great Monday morning surprise to find my visiting Sizzling Hot Romance. And I can tell by your photo that you are 100% southern because you are barefoot in that picture. I just love it!!

    Thank you so much for featuring me here. If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. If I don't know the answer, I'll just make something up. Thanks again, Kristie!


  2. You are so welcome, Christie, and thanks for dropping in here at Sizzling Hot Romance and telling everybody howdy!

    Yep, I'm Southern born and bred even though I am living in Nevada now. You can take the gal out of the South but you can't take the South out of the gal.

    I saw a couple of barefoot photos of you over at your blog! Must be a "Southern Thang". lol


  3. Hi, Kristie!

    What a great blog you have here. Thanks so much for plugging mine and Christie's books, but a quick update. Our publisher has moved up the release date for Wild, Wicked and Wanton. It will be out in June, 2010. We are so excited about it, too!

    Have a fabulous day!


  4. Thanks for dropping in, Faye. And also thanks for the release info update. :)

    I just ordered a copy of The Everything Guide To Writing A Romance Novel. I'm looking forward to receiving it. Hey, I figure I can always use a little help with my writing and all. When I stop trying to learn I might as well go on to my great reward in the sky.


  5. Kristie,

    I totally agree - as soon as we stop learning, we stop growing. Christie and I both learned a lot from writing The Everything Guide to Writing a Romance Novel. We also learn each time we do a workshop or write a novel. I hope you enjoy the book!