Tuesday, June 9, 2009

36MMM breasts scoop world record

Totally off topic of romance ... well maybe not! You gotta see this to believe it! How dumb can anyone be to do this to themselves????

Who says porn stars lack amb­ition? Maxi Mounds has made a huge name for herself – by having the largest breast implants in the world.

Her 36MMM bust – each weighing 9kg (20lbs) – finally made it into the record books years after she learned there was a category for natural breasts.

'I contacted Guinness World Records and asked if they had a category for implants, but they said no, so I let it go,' she said.

'Then they asked me if I was interested as they were creating a category. Eventually they told me I won.'


  1. I love her name: Maxi Mounds!

    It's a wonder she doesn't get backache carrying all that weight around.

  2. I don't see how she keeps from falling flat on her face! How does she possibly carry all that weight around? Seems to me like those big boobs would interfere with all everyday activities. Heck, she can't even see her feet!


  3. Oh my, oh my! How will she get on in old age, just picture that little old lady with 2 huge balloons and a walking stick LOL
    That is not going to be good for her back. It was certainly not a reputable Dr who performed the surgery. Oh my, Oh my LOL still giggling.

  4. When Ms. Mounds gets old and has grandkids, they'll get lost in those mountains when she hugs them! lol