Monday, June 22, 2009

Talking about romance ...

I just finished watching the tv show The Batchelorette. Jillian, the gal from Canada who got rejected on last season's The Batchelor, is the gal of the season this year.

On tonight's show, she took 8 guys on a train trip through the Canadian Rockies (a trip which, by the way, I would LOVE to go on). She left 1 poor dude standing by the railroad tracks in the middle of the Canadian wilderness when their one-on-one date didn't work out. He looked so forlorn standing there by the railroad track as the train pulled away without him. What the heck did he do? Hitch a ride on the next train that came along? Stay there and freeze to death?

After romping their way through the Canadian Rockies on the train, with stops along the way to play in the snow and smoochie-smoochie with the rest of the 7 guys, Jillian had to let 2 more guys go. The remaining 5 get to take Jillian home to meet their families.

The poor girl must be delusional because she chose to keep Wes, the guy from Texas who is there to promote himself and his music/band and let 1 guy go that really seemed to care for her and her well-being. I think his name was Jake. Anyway I felt totally sorry for him when he was let go. The guy with the foot-fetish, Tanner, I was glad to see gone. I was so sick of seeing him suck toes or whatever one does with a foot-fetish. Never been into feet myself. Feet are made for walking in my opinion.

Which brings me back to the topic of romance. Yeah, this is a reality show ... or an UN-reality show really ... but what is romance and love all about? What makes romance? What makes one person fall for another over someone else? How the hell does Jillian go about chosing 1 guy out of the 30 that started the show with her?

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