Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's great when someone you don't know recommends your books!

It feels great when anyone recommends your books to others but it feels even better when it's someone you DON"T KNOW.

Today I was doing a Google search on my name to see what's out there about me. I do that from time to time just out of curiousity's sake. Yeah, I know what they say, "Curiousity killed the cat!" But as an author it is good to do this ever so often. You never know what you are going to run across out there on the internet.

Anyway today I found an interesting thing about me while doing the Google search. It was from something called Yahoo Answers. I didn't even know there was such a thing as Yahoo Answers. Now that I know, maybe I'll ask Yahoo something and see if they can answer. (laughing)

Someone had posted asking if anyone could recommend Good Adult Romance Books. I guess people answered although I couldn't see the answers. This question was marked as resolved. Evidently the asker posted a list of books they wanted to get based upon the answers received. My novel, Affairs of the Heart, was included in the list! Yeah!!

Good Adult Romance books!?
hii!i love love love to read, and im going to borders tomorrow.SO okay, i like books about bdsm, or submissive women.they must be romance, you no happy endings loli like raunchy sex scenes, and descriptive sex.thankkss for your answers.
4 weeks ago
by deb
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Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
Hands: An Erotic Romance by W.H. Bossert
Forbidden: The Awakening by Samantha Sommersby
Private Games: Tawny Taylor
Pleasures of the Night (Dream Guardian, Book 1) Sylvia Day
Affairs of the Heart by Kristie Leigh Maguire
Getting Wild by Josi OlsonWild
Wicked, & Wanton by Jaci Burton
Naked in the Rain by Debra Markowitz
Broken by Megan Hart
Tempted by Megan Hart
Something More by Amanda Young
Surrender by Kimberly Zant
For Her Pleasure by Maya Banks
Body Moves by Josi Lynn Copeland
Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber
The Burning by Susan Squires
If you like to read try Zane.....