Friday, July 10, 2009

1st Turning Point

I am really impressed with this new place for writers. Their slogan is Authors Teach, Share, & Learn–All About Promotion ... and they really do! I was invited to join from Facebook and have not regretted my decision to jump on their bandwagon. I look forward each day for their email message notifying me of a new article posted to the site.

For instance today's article is Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance by by John Foxjohn.

Here is the first paragraph to whet your appetite. Because of copyright that is all that I will post but you can read the complete article by CLICKING HERE ... and I highly suggest you do so if you are serious about your writing career.

The 5 P’s of Self-Promotions

I actually began teaching self-promotions because my friends titled me the “King of Self-Promotions,” and wanted me to teach them. Now I teach the classes at workshops, conferences, and online. I titled these classes the 5 P’s of self-promotions. It stands for prior planning prevents poor performance.


  1. The article was very informative, the site looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are welcome, Glynis. I'm glad you liked the site. I really like their articles.