Monday, July 27, 2009

Are you too old for sex?

Yesterday I was at Rum Runners, a delightful little harbour-side restaurant, with my husband having Sunday brunch. A more romantic place may exist but I would be hard pressed to name one.

Close your eyes and come wit me to my Island, mon.

America's Paradise. St. Croix. Virgin Islands. Caribbean Sea. Tropical tradewinds. Steel pan band playing. The sight and sound of the waves. The scent of tropical flowers wafting in the breeze. Boats in the harbour. Blue skies. Sun shining. Crabs running loose trying to nibble your toes peaking through your sandals. Dress up Sunday sun dress. Sipping a Bloody Mary while waiting on your food to be cooked.

I took my Bloody Mary and went to the bar to have a cigarette. Sat beside a woman reading a book from her e-reader. Struck up a conversation with her since writing is my game and besides I was curious as to what type e-reader she had. I thought it looked like my Kindle but not really. Come to find out it was a Sony e-reader.

Found out that she liked Nora Roberts books.

Oh, so you like to read romance, I asked her, thinking to myself that here may be new reader for my romance books that I write.

Oh, not just any romance, she replied, I like fantasy and paranormal.

I thought to myself, and you like to read Nora Roberts?! I write romance, I said. Not just any old romance though. I don't write sweet romance. Mine are hot and spicy. Maybe you'd like to check me out and order my books for your e-reader, I said and handed her my card.

Oh I don't think so, she replied. I'm too old for sex.

Now that set me back a bit as I thought about how to reply to that. Well, are you too old to dream, I asked her. Read my books and remember how it was in your heyday.

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  1. Age is just a number! And sex, or the thoughts of it, do not discriminate! Romance is still alive no matter what age you are. Just as you say, Kristie, close your eyes...and let it take you to far off places - even if your bedroom is only just down the hall.